Spothunter phone
SpotHunter - INEA

SpotHunter - INEA

A real-time city Hunt

In both 2012 and 2013, GeoRun organized SpotHunter in co-operation with telecom operator INEA. During the three weeks of the game, players could chase and catch virtuel prizes in Poznan (Poland). To encourage a long gameplay and good connection, INEA provided free wifi for all players in the game. The main goal was to attract more visitor to the shops in Poznan and promote the name of the company among its target audience. Prizes variated from free internet to Tablets and an iPhone 5.


Given the goals of the campaign, we invited players to come to an INEA shop in Poznan. Only there they could login the game and start playing. The game resulted in more than 2800 players. Streets in Poznan were filled with players when main the prizes ended. The funny stunts and tactics of players resulted in great media exposure on local news (WTK) and tech blogs. In total, players travelled over 29.000 km in the game, of which 7.500 km with prizes in their smartphones. Social media was used to highlight winners and interact with players.