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PaasRun - de Bijenkorf

Briefing: Easter campaign

It was our job to create buzz around Easter

After the success of the SintRun in 2013, the Bijenkorf approached us once more for an Easter game. The goal this time: get people out on the streets and interact with the brand. The Bijenkorf Stores were used as pickup point for the rewards.

Idea: Virtual eggs

Thousands of eggs...

After opening the PaasRun game, players saw a map with thousands of virtual eggs. Some eggs were empty, others contained a prize. By going to an egg, players could open it within a 30 meter range. A prize popped up instantly when the egg was full. When the egg was empty, players could go on and hunt for other eggs.

Virtual eggs
Admin game

Realtime gaming

A custom gps game

To meet the Bijenkorf’s campaign ideas, we decided to develop a custom plugin game in the Bijenkorf App. Virtual eggs with gps coördinates were placed on the map around ten cities with Bijenkorf stores. Some eggs contained a reward, while others were empty. The realtime few of all competitors in the game created an exciting hunt towards the eggs.


Thousands of players

The campaign was a huge success. Thousands of players joined the hunt for virtual eggs and went out to get their reward at the Bijenkorf store. By integrating the App in the Bijenkorf App (SDK), the Bijenkorf had a great tool for boosting App downloads and increasing retention rates. In addition, hundreds of new customers signed up to be a brand member.

Admin game