The Tik ‘m Aan Game was all about speed:
pay fast, run fast, and win spectacular prizes.

Tik 'm Aan - ING


A game to promote a new payment method

In May 2014 ING was looking for a promotion to launch the new (wireless) paypass in the Netherlands. GeoRun was asked to think about a game that would create an engaging experience towards the promotion stands at the train stations. The goal: incentify players to visit the stand and make payment with the new paypass.

The idea

Pay fast, run fast

As the new paypass is all about gaining extra time, we decided to create a game around the theme of time. Each virtual prize on the map had a timer, ranging from 30 minutes up to two hours. When a virtual prize was picked up by a player with a smartphone, the timer starts counting back to zero. Each virtual prize that was brought back on time opened at the finish, after which the player wins the hidden prize inside. But players had to watch out: within 30 meters other players could take-over the virtual prize.

pay pass
The app

The App

Custom design to match campaign requirements

We started with sketches on the game visuals and decided to pick a playful approach to an innovative and fun experience. Mystery boxes with question marks were spread throughout the city on the map, that opened the moment a players brought back the virtual prize to the finish. The App was integrated with Social Media and had a live Chat with other players to stimulate social sharing.


Over 500 won prizes in 12 days

Each day the game was hosted in another big city in the Netherlands. Prizes ranged from shopping money to a brand new Galaxy S5. In total, players travelled over 12.000 kilometres in the game. More than 9000 players joined the virtual city hunt, winning more than 500 prizes. The promotion stands at the train station saw an explosion of visitors when players hunted for prizes towards the finish.

The app

Invisibility card

Smart game rules and fun items

As the game was all about speed and gaining extra time, we decided to include custom game rules to strengthen this message. Invisibility items on the map created 10 minutes of invisibility to the player that picked up the item with his smartphone. The game view showed a real-time position of all players and prizes in the game. By using the invisibility, players could run towards the finish without being seen by others.


What players have to say?

Dennis van Gelderen - Winner

The Tik 'm Aan Game was a lot of fun: people were chasing each other all over town!

Donna van Nus - Winner

The game was great fun! The real-time view of all players created an exciting hunt for prizes.