Geohunt phone

A local touch of activation

In September 2012 we started with the question how to develop a mobile concept that could help companies generate floor traffic. Combining social, local and mobile elements, GeoHunt offers a gps-based tool for consumer activation.

A real-time GPS game

GeoRun games allow you to hunt virtual items with you smartphone

Open the game and a map with virtual items on it will appear. By going to an icon on the map, a player is able to ‘pickup’ a virtual prize within a 50 meter range. Once you have the prize in your possession it is time to run, as other players can take over your virtual prize. This way, the streets around you are the actual gameboard you play on! Our in-house developed software provides a real-time view of all players and prizes in the game, resulting in an exciting city hunt to finish locations in the game.

Hunt, catch, and hold on to your virtual prize!

Augmented Reality

What’s your game?

Your own activation game

Based on the GeoRun gaming framework, different game scenarios can be developed that suit your brand’s identity. Use store locations as ‘finish point’ in the game or insert prizes that invite players to share their achievement on social media. GPS games provide local promotions on national scale!

  • Your own game scenario
  • Fully customizable design
  • Ingeration with Social Media
  • Unlimited amount of players

Proprietary technology

Real-time gaming made easy with scalable software

Our technology framework is build in Ruby on Rails and offers iOS, Android and optional Windows App development. Complementary websites provide a real-time view of the game and custom instructions on the gameplay. Our game concepts are fully integrated with social media, allowing players to share their achievements and invite friends. Whether the game is part of a national promotion or just meant to promote your location, location-based games provide a great incentive to generate traffic.


Valuable data insights

Track, analyze and learn the numbers

Each GeoRun game is accompanied by a web interface to analyze and control the game. Login to view daily statistics, communicate with players and adjust different game elements to allign your campaign goals. Sit back pilot, and let the cockpit do the work!

  • Game adjustments
  • Insert prizes
  • See dialy statistics
  • Communicate with players