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Virtual Fashion Items in your city

In October 2012 we organised FashionRun in collaboration with In this game, players could hunt and catch virtual fashion prizes. Among other things, prizes included discount coupons, UGGs, Mango items and €1000,- shopping money on the webshop. The main objective was to attract more vistors to the store in Katwijk and to promote the newly opened webshop


Being a testcase of the GeoRun software, no external marketing or promotion efforts were made. All promotion took place on the Facebook page of ModeRepubliek together with several Twitter feeds. The iOS and Android app was downloaded over 3500 times. The game attracted over 2000 active players and was covered by severial media channels such as magazines, blogs (Sprout, Frankwatching), and radio stations ( In total, players travelled over 60.000 km in the game, of which over 16.000 km with prizes in their possession. Both the phycial shop in Katwijk and the online webshop experience an increase in visitors and buyers.


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